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About us


Our farm is registered in Cat Club Feniks acting under the patronage of Felis Polonia, which is a member of FIFe, an international organization uniting breed cat lovers.

Why a Siberian?

This is my essential and most loved breed of cats.
I am a Russian with Siberian origins so a Siberian is closest to my heart. I was raised with these cats. I used to meet them everywhere in the streets – it is a roofer cat now “reigning the high society”. I know their nature, their uncanny looks.

To those who have not made their mind up yet, I strongly recommend a Siberian not only due to their looks, character and the fact that they are called “cat-dogs” and hypoallergenic cats.
I recommend Siberians due to their health condition. The pool of genes in these magnificent animals is so large that at the present moment Siberians are the healthiest breed of cats.

The former roofer cat is now a breed cat recognized by the top international phelinological organizations. And this is wonderful: the charm and beauty of a Siberian “has conquered the world”.

The Siberian Cats farm and Neva Masquerade Werona Garden*PL are focused mainly on the development and strengthening of the Siberian Cat Breed Model.
A cat of strong body build, with a hard head and a “wild look”, with a magnificent appearance and ideal fur typical of this breed.

For us, it is very important to keep cats of not only beautiful and ideal looks but also, with an appropriate character – cats to be great companions for their future owners.

This is why our Siberians live together with us at home and are full members of our family.

Our farm is not huge, which enables us to take care of the needs of our cats and future kittens in the best way possible.

Coloration of the cats bred…

It is my dream to have cats of rare coloring in my farm.
Will I succeed…..
I have already had the first success: a beautiful pitch-black she-cat. Charming Neva with a rarely seen color at seal-smoke-point exhibitions. And my own silver he-cat with an amazing character.

The future will show what the next he-cat or she-cat will be.I think that the future owner will find their own, desired and dreamed of friend at our farm.

                                                                                                                                              “Having one cat leads to having another”

                                                                                                                                                                                       Ernest Hemingway

                                                                                                                                                      Best regards, Natalia Chmielewska

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