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Before you buy a kitten

If you are interested in buying a kitten from our cattery, we cordially invite you to visit us before making a reservation.

The kittens are with us from the day of their birth and under my constant care.

All our kittens are raised in a relaxed homely atmosphere. They are part of our family and they fully participate in home life. They are not isolated. From the beginning they are taught to be accustomed to contact with strangers. They also learn how to stay with small children and as a result they are not aggressive towards them and play sensitively. Our kittens are used to stroking, carrying, sitting in arms and playing. They are patient and behave calmly when basic grooming treatments  like combing, cleaning ears and trimming claws are performed. Moreover, they are taught to sit in a show position calmly and patiently. They are also taught cleanliness and the use of a scratching post.

A kitten which leaves our cattery is completely brought up so that future owners, who may not be experts on cat behaviour problems, can devote their time to loving a new friend in their family.

A future owner of a kitten can count on the advice and assistance on my part, not only at the time of buying a kitten, but also when the kitten will become an adult.

All our kittens go through a postvaccinal quarantine and when they are 12 weeks old they can leave their family home. If a postvaccinal reaction has occurred (very rare situations, but possible), a kitten stays under our and veterinary permanent care.

Our kittens go to new homes only with a vet’s consent and with a medical certificate.


All my animals are looked after and, if necessary, treated by Waldemar Kowalski (a vet who has his veterinary surgery in Łaskarzew).
More serious matters such as check-ups or tests etc. are carried out by Vets 24 hour Veterinary Emergency Service in Warsaw,  

ul. Książęca 3.

                  Information for breeders:

 The reservation of a kitten means that you have to pay a deposit which is a third of the price of a kitten. The rest of the sum is payable after all kitten’s documents are issued. If you have changed your mind, the deposit for a kitten is not refundable.
The payment can be made by Western Union or PayPal account.

Kitten’s transport to another country (is not included in the price of a kitten) is payable to the carrier.

The price of transport depends on:

- a destination country or a destination city
- a means of transport which is used (a car/a train/a plain)


If a breeder who wants to buy a kitten comes for it in person.

I will meet a breeder personally in Warsaw, if they want to pick up and see a kitten in our cattery, which is welcome. If a breeder has a change and he wants to get back home immediately, I can deliver a kitten with a set of documents to Warsaw (the airport, the railway station).
We can specify every detail of it.


If a breeder wishes to have a kitten tested for FeLV / FIV viruses (rapid tests) the cost of such a test is 80 PLN (about 25 EUR) and it has to be paid extra.

If a test for FeLV / FIV was positive and the breeder did not want another kitten, I return the paid deposit in full.

Tests for HCM and PKD are not carried out in kittens. These tests can be carried out only in adults which are at least 1 year old (a buyer can have these tests carried out on his own) . Additionally, at the buyer’s request, I can give the scans of the tests (in English) for HCM and PKD carried out in a kitten’s parents, so that the buyer could be sure that parents are genetically healthy.

Kittens leaving the cattery get:

- pedigree / issued

- a medical record with the information about current vaccinations and deworming treatments in accordance with the age of a      kitten/ issued

- transfer (getting a transfer from Felis Polonia takes 2 to 3 weeks) / to be issued

- a valid veterinary certificate of health before leaving /to be issued

- an international medical record  with the information about current vaccinations and deworming treatments in accordance with the age of a kitten (or with additional tests, see above: Tests/examinations)/ to be issued according to the medical record which a kitten has had since the day of the birth

- a chip

- a blanket with the smell of the house /cattery to make it easier for a kitten to adjust to a new home

- for the first days in a new home, a mix of food which kittens have eaten in the cattery:
  BOSCH Sanabelle, PURINA PRO Plan, PURINA One.


It depends on a new breeder which dry food he is going to feed a kitten, but he must keep in mind that the mix of food given by me should be gradually supplemented/enriched with  target food. It will protect a kitten against unnecessary digestive problems and diarrhea.


Kittens from our cattery can be defined as “omnivorous”, they are not picky eaters. Apart from dry food, which they have in their bowls on a regular basis,  they also eat canned food.

They eat meat and raw/cooked offal (beef, rabbit, poultry: chicken/turkey). They go crazy about rabbit meat and offal.

They also eat cooked fish and eggs. When it comes to raw eggs, they only eat yolk. However, they also like boiled or fried in butter eggs.

I also feed them cottage cheese, cream, natural yoghurt, and spread.

In addition, get a paste:
Malt-Soft-Extra lub Multi-Vitamin company GIMPET

During the stage of intensive growth of the skeleton, I add powdered lime tablets to wet food or meat.